Trucks are some of the funniest vehicles to own, especially if they’re a classic truck. They are beautiful pieces of history that no one seems to ever get tired of. They can have a lot of uses from hauling loads from one place to another to just simply having a joy ride down the main street. If you’ve decided to take the path of restoring an old truck, you’re about to encounter a very frustrating and extremely rewarding experience.

I have owned several trucks throughout my life, one of which I halfway restored and one of which I completely restored. The thing I love about classic trucks is that they’re not terribly difficult to work on and the restoration cost is doable. I completely restored my 1968 Chevy Pickup while I was a college student. So I wasn’t exactly rolling in the dough, but I was able to get it done in about a year and a half. I ended up selling it to a family in California who still occasionally sends me pictures of them enjoying it.

Here are 14 awesome truck restoration tips:

  • Budget Time
  • Join Forums
  • Hang Picture of End Goal
  • Do A Lot Yourself
  • Sell Extra Parts
  • Use Local Classifieds
  • Wait For Shipping Sales
  • Anything Covered With Carpet Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect
  • Don’t Cut Corners (you always get what you pay for)
  • Source: Gears and Cylinders