Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How Much is it to get a Vehicle Computer Diagnostics completed?

A. $175 for 1st hr then $100 per hour thereafter. The reason is the cost of equipment and the constant training of our technicians to ensure you receive accurate diagnostics of your vehicle.

Q. What does scrapping noise coming from my wheels indicate?

A. Time to bring the car in for brake service because the scrapping noise you hear is the backing plate of your brake pad which is now causing a metal to metal scraping noise with the brake rotor. If left undiagnosed this will lead to catastrophic failure.

Q. Can I get an inspection sticker if my check engine light is on?

A. You could possibly pass a safety inspection but it will fail for emissions, we would then provide a quote for any services required to pass the inspection prior to additional work being performed.

Q. What does it mean when my mechanic says that my readiness monitors are not ready and that my car has to be driven to get an inspection?

A. Readiness monitors test your car engine’s computer as it goes through systems check to be sure your emissions system is working properly. When you come to have your check engine light repaired all of the trouble codes are cleared and all of the readiness monitors are reset snd your car will need to be driven to make sure that the computer sees the problem is repaired properly.

Q. What does it mean when my check engine light comes on and is flashing?

A. This means your car has a misfire and you need to bring it in to be looked at ASAP so that other damage does not occur to your vehicles.

Q. How come it’s so important to do regularly scheduled oil changes?

A. This is the number one item most people don’t do and it’s the most important service that everyone needs to do. Oil engineers have specified all the new oil offers (ie; Standard or Synthetic oils) will only be effective for a limited time before spent molecules, then the oil starts breaking down into a more solid less lubricant gel. This will plug up oil ports and cause catastrophic failure to your engine. Oil and Filter changes are a low-cost way to protect your car’s internal parts and keep your car running for a long time.

Q. Should I bring a written list of repairs or concerns about my vehicle?

A. Yes this will aid in a quicker and more accurate repair, having a list prevents you from omitting issues that may concern you or the safety of your vehicle.

Q. Can I supply my own parts for the repairs?

A. No is the short answer. However, it is in your best interest, as it is the only way we can provide a warranty for the parts or service. When we supply the parts, it provides you with a solid warranty, protects your vehicle investment. And, with today’s cars, even the same models, will often have 6-10 different parts for the same or similar vehicle depending on trim level and manufacturer options. A customer part can and often leads to the incorrect part, additional cost, and time. Then your car is stuck up on the lift. Which could lead to $150.00 per hour while the car remains on a lift, so to avoid such calamities we simply cannot install or use customer-supplied parts.

Q. Can I wait while my car is being repaired?

A. We offer several time frames during the day when we can schedule customers to be able to wait for certain repairs and maintenance. We have a state of the art waiting area for our customers where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with FREE WIFI access. Of course, for some problems and repairs that require a much longer timeframe, we ask that you drop the car off so we can provide you with quality service and repairs.

Q. Do you offer auto body repair?

A. Yes, we offer full auto body repair. We have a NEW state of the art spray booth. We specialize in custom paintwork as well as regular everyday dents and scrapes. We also work with your insurance companies, in case you find yourself in an accident. We guarantee and warranty our proper and satisfying body repair work.

Q. Do you have a tow truck? Or offer towing services?

A. Unfortunately we do not however, we will supply you with one of the highly recommended tow services that we use regularly.

Q. Can I enter the shop area to watch my car being repaired?

A. Unfortunately insurance liability prevents that and does not allow anyone other than an employee to enter the shop work area. We want to keep everyone safe.

Q. Do you provide free estimates?

A. We can offer free ideas related to a problem with your vehicle. But if you want a complete written estimate with the cost of repairs, we charge a $50 fee to assess your vehicle repair needs. Written estimates require an extremely thorough review and estimate to provide you with the most accurate estimate.

Q. How much for a state vehicle inspection?

A. State Inspections are $40 for each vehicle.

Q. How much is your conventional oil change?

A. Our conventional oil changes typically are around $50, depending on vehicle and oil capacities.

Q. How much are your synthetic oil changes?

A. Depending on vehicle and oil capacities. Most American and Japanese made vehicles can often run between $75-$85. Most European cars will run between $105-$140. Contact us for an exact quote.