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We have a NEW state of the art spray booth and have completed some of the most challenging custom themed paint and bodywork. Perhaps your father’s old pick up or that stunning 4WD Jeep that needs to POP! We specialize in those types of projects. Be sure to visit our gallery page to see some of the completed projects.

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Restore and Rebuild FAQ’s

Q. Questions #1

Q. What Vehicle is a good candidate for restoration?

A. Answer 1: There are two types of restorations for your vehicle; a vehicle that has a personal or sentimental connection with you as a child, or that someone had played a role in your life, and the vehicle was then handed down to you. Or is it a car of value that you have researched its value and determines if it is worth the investment to be restored.

Q. Question #2

Q. Generally what investment is required to restore a vehicle?

A. Restoration cost can differ from vehicle to vehicle, and how far you want to go on any given project.

Daily Driver type restoration range from $8000-$12000
Feature type restoration: a step above a daily driver which includes much more attention to the exterior, such as new panels, more extensive welding, some custom made panels, higher quality paintwork with no interior work. $18000-$25000
Complete rotisserie restoration; the vehicle is completely stripped down to bare bones. All rust is sandblasted from the entire body, all filler removed as well. Then the vehicle is completely rebuilt from the ground up inside and outside. $40,000-$70,000

Q. Question #3

Question 3. Why are quality paint and other products utilized when doing body repair?

Answer 3. Quality products are used to ensure longevity and proper fit and finish. And makes certain you receive a much better appearance and repair.

Q. Question #4

Question 4. Does “Auto Service Solutions” do rust repair? And how long do repairs typically last?

Answer 4. We do a wide array of rust repairs on every type of vehicle. We can produce or build any and every part of your vehicle. In the New England area, salt and brine treatment on the roads consistently rots the parts of your vehicle. You can usually expect 1-2 years out of our quality rust repair services. See, rot is like cancer, you can cut it out, however, the rot can travel well beyond the areas visible to the naked eye.

Q. Question #5

Question 5. Does “Auto Service Solutions” do Insurance repairs and bodywork?

Answer 5. Yes, we always work diligently with your insurance adjuster to ensure any and all damage visible and hidden damages are found and included to be sure nothing is overlooked or unrepaired. We work very hard to complete all the work is repaired quickly at a high level of quality assurance. We only employ the most skilled and experienced auto body technicians with multiple years of verified quality work.

Q. Question #6

Why is my car in the body shops longer today than they were a decade ago?

Answer 6. Technology is now a part of the body on most vehicles today, with ride leveling, collision avoidance system, lane change assist, and many more. These features and devices are time-consuming to repair in addition they require calibration and programming. This has the most effect on today’s body shops.

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This was a major restoration and the final product is simply outstanding, that being said we can do this and so much more. Let’s get your project started today, we can go over all your plans while Jason Bill provides expert design advice and suggestions to get your next project head turner!



We do a lot of custom work and themed designs as well.
Please check out our Custom Builds Gallery here

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