My Road to the “General Lee” 2021 1st Installment

Ever since my childhood, I have dreamed of acquiring a 1969 Charger and build a “General Lee” restored. In case anyone does not know what the “General Lee” is, it is the infamous star of the show “The Dukes of Hazzard”, this was a television show from the 80’s about a sweet southern country family of cousins, uncles, police officers, county commissioner, and good old friends. It was a family show that I anticipated watching every Thursday night at 8 pm with my family. It was an inspiring true family friendly show that unlike the shows of today, just simply no longer exist.
It was a constant story that was set around a family of cousins and an uncle who were constantly saving each other from bad situations or trying to save the farm. Its star feature was a bright orange charger that was constantly jumping creeks & racing around power sliding through the open county dirt roads of Southern Georgia. A place called “Hazzard County”


For the Love of my Family

I married at the age of 20 to the love of my life. My beautiful wife and companion from Cleveland, OH, Lori Bill. I had decided to put my lifelong quest on my childhood dream car on hold for a while and focus on my wife, starting a family, and continuing a family auto repair business that my Father (Phil Bill – PA Auto Repair) had started back in 1971.

These things were to be the focus of my life for the next 20+ years. These “things” were to be of great importance to me and the quest for the car of my dreams seemed to become far off in the distance. Being in love and raising my 4 wonderful children and continuing with the family business was to be of the foremost importance of my life. You never know what types of things come into play will change the importance and direction your life will take. From a very small child, I was taught by both my Father and my Mother that family and life come before fun and adventure. I think you need to focus on love, providing for, and instilling proper values in your children before pursuing, tangible things that can be achieved at any time in your life.

It’s the here & Now that is important, futures will come, but love and family are FOREVER!