“The Transformation”

September 15th, 2017: I parked the car and began the undertaking of the car’s transformation. The work had begun and the car would be stripped back to its roots of a ’69 Charger. Lots of time was spent sanding and stripping the paint and removing the panels to make the transformation authentic.

In the summer of 2018, we spent hunting for correct year tail lights, a rear tail light panel, and chrome parts. I ordered the correct “General Lee” wheels and my son purchased the correct flag and decal kit for the car as a Christmas gift. Meanwhile, more sanding, priming, and filling to make things as perfect as possible.

new rear view

February 2019: the rear ‘68 tail panel got cut out and the correct ’69 tail panel was fitted and welded in. More sanding and blocking of panels. Determined that both front doors that were on the car were from a ’68: an ever-so-slight difference in the door lock button. I had to obtain the correct doors. My son had purchased an Arizona ’69 driver door for me as a Christmas gift, but we still needed a passenger door.

rear view

Searched out and found a guy in Staten Island, NY that would only sell both doors. So Kyle went off on another venture and return back with two ’69 Charger doors.

COVID hit in 2020, leaving lots of available time to spend on building the car. A lot of progress happened in 2020, taking us to where I am now: February 2021, blogging about this project with an end now in close sight.