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Our Services

We offer a family atmosphere with FREE WIFI while your vehicle is serviced for general maintenance services. We offer fair and honest services you can count on.

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Auto Service Solutions Warranty Benefits

We ensure that all vehicle repairs and services provided are done RIGHT the first time. We have over a combined 40 Years of experience as ASE Master Certified Technicians. We provide a consultation to be sure all service issues are addressed and that the vehicle is worth the repair cost, this is the reason our staff can always be trusted. Auto Service Solutions is a Federated Car Care Center that provides peace of mind for our customers, The Federated Car Care Center Program is a nationwide network of independently owned repair facilities and we are one of the best!

All our work comes with a 12 months/12,000-mile Nationwide Warranty coverage. We use the State-of-the-Art Snap-On Diagnostics and MLM Mobile Diagnostic Services to confirm all necessary services/repairs. This saves our customers money and no wasted time and ensures your repairs are done right the 1st time. Trusted and Quality services provided to every customer because we want to be certain all customers are always satisfied with all of their automotive service. A professionally trained specialist in all service fields including diagnostics, engine, drivetrain, paint, and body, and auto detailing. We know the cars we work on and are experts on all makes including BMW, Audi, Subaru, Volvo, and many others. Why? Because we know these vehicles require a specialist to be serviced correctly the “First-Time”. We also offer Credit Financing on repairs and vehicles through the “Federated Car Care Program”

Brand New Service!
Auto/Truck Undercoating

Auto Service Solutions we are now offering a New England necessary service. Protect your vehicle from the harsh salt in winter and keep rust at bay for LIFE!

This service is NOW available contact us today! 603-669-7482 schedule NOW!!
Protection First Class or PFC rust preventative remains soft and flexible, and actually heals itself and continues to coat long after other water-soluble or solvent-based products have evaporated or worn off.

Our Services

Oil and Filter Changes

  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Change reminder sticker
  • Reset oil reminder light if equipped
  • Check & refill under hood fluids
  • Change Oil & filter
  • Grease fittings as needed
  • Check front & rear differentials as required
  • Check Transfer case (4wd)
  • Perform undercarriage inspection
  • Check tire condition & inflate
  • Refill oil w/ proper oil
  • Check Transmission fluid
  • Lube doors, hinges & latches

Emission System Tests

  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Plug-in Diagnostic tool & check for trouble codes
  • Examine scan tool data and interpret
  • Examine under hood emission components
  • Examine ignition system components
  • Advise on findings & relay recommendations

Transmission System Flush

  • Add cleaner & test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Hook up flush machine & fill w/ proper fluid type
  • Perform complete fluid flush
  • Remove machine, top off fluid level & check for leaks
  • Test drive & confirm proper shifting

Cooling System Flush

  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Examine cooling system components (hoses, radiator, clamps, water pump & belts)
  • Add coolant conditioner & measure new coolant
  • Flush out old coolant
  • Clean & refill coolant recovery bottle
  • Test radiator cap
  • Remove flush machine, tighten clamps
  • Dispose of spent coolant for recycling

Timing Belt Replacement

(60MO/60K- 120MO/105K)
  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Remove drive belts & timing belt
  • Examine related components & water pump condition
  • Clean timing belt area & related components
  • Re-install parts & align all parts properly
  • Refill any fluids removed & restart
  • Check for noises or leaks
  • Reset ignition timing
  • Test drive vehicle

Cooling System Inspection


  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Inspect belts, all hoses & clamps, radiator & water pump
  • Pressure test cooling system & radiator cap
  • Check the condition of coolant & freeze point
  • Check the air pressure in tires
  • Complete inspection & advise on findings

Electrical System Inspection


  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Test battery condition using sophisticated tester
  • Perform charging & starter system diagnosis
  • Check condition of belts
  • Check condition of battery ends & cables
  • Print out test results & advise on recommendations

Fuel System Service

  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Install scan tool & look at data & codes
  • Check fuel system pressures
  • Examine fuel lines, hoses & connections
  • Examine fuel sample
  • Install fuel system cleaner & add cleaner
  • Start vehicle & allow fluid to clean system
  • Add Techron fuel additive
  • Remove cleaning equipment & reinstall hoses
  • Start engine & check for leaks
  • Test drive vehicle and assess performance

Engine Performance Tune-up

  • Test drive & check vehicle lighting
  • Install scan tool & look at data & codes
  • Interpret scan information & note
  • Examine performance components
  • Check ignition system components
  • Advice & recommend needed repairs
  • Replace needed parts & perform adjustments
  • Add Techron fuel additive to fuel
  • Use scan tool to reset computer-adaptive & codes
  • Refill any fluids removed
  • Test drive vehicle and chassis performance